PS3 just lost 20lbs on the new Sony diet!

ps3-slim-06 Yep, the oft rumored and never officially announced “PSThree” is hitting retail in a couple weeks (Sept. 1st)  When the PS3 first came out I mentioned to a couple people that they will release a slimmer version in a few years like they did with the other Playstations.  I didn’t think it would be so soon, they typically dropped the slim-line when the console was coming down from it’s height of popularity.  Oh Well…

..So, what are we getting?!.. you might be asking the monitor.  Well buddy.. you’re in luck, because your getting a whole lot of “LESS”!.  YAY! LESS!!!!.


Yeah, it’s slimmer, weighs less, still doesn’t have backward Compatibility, and the lack of ability to install a different OS on it.  BUT!, you’re getting 250gb of space.  Also…ready for it?.. only $299 now!. BOOM!.  how about that buddy.!  finally, the Ps3 is falling into a price line that more people are willing to pay for!.


My biggest question is whether it has a proper upscale chip this time around.  ALL PS3’s right now do NOT have a proper scaler built in like the 360’s.  The 360 can and will upscale all resolutions to 1080p even over Component.  the Ps3 will not.  it will only upscale a small number of very odd resolutions that developers don’t like to program in.  Soo..


…here is hoping that is fixed. (doubtful.)

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