Psst.. I’ll trade you a 90% for an Early review!



hugz.  Thur thar. itz all gun b k.

Well, anyway.  It appears that Edios is doing some shady shit.  A few reports have been coming in that Edios is offering any Magazine that puts the new Batman: Arkham Aslyum on the cover of there mag and GUARANTEES at least a score of 90%.  Then Edios will allow them to publish the review early.. effectively lifting the embargo to allow them to jump the gun before everyone else.

If you are an unaware reader, many…MANY games that are released, especially big named titles are shown at game conventions (Electronic Entertainment Expo, Tokyo Game Show, Etc.) At these events, either just the press (E3.) or a mix of both Press and Public (TGS.) are allowed to see or even play bits of upcoming titles.  Sometimes, when people get to actually play some games, they have to sign a Non-disclosure agreement.  meaning that they can’t write or post about what they played.  it’s a way to keep games under wraps, either because there not done or they just don’t want to let the cat out of the bag.

Now, an Embargo is a little different.  this is where the Game company ships a finished copy of the game to a review site or publication to allow them to review it, but the have to agree to an Embargo, usually saying they won’t actually print or post there review under a certain date.  Sometimes thats AFTER the game has released, or days before the game is to be released.  For the most part, Embargoes are to keep people from seeing that a game may be complete crap.. So the company can make better money on it without everyone knowing it’s basically shit in a box.

This isn’t Edios’s first time playing this card either. I kindof lost a little faith in the awesomeness that this game should have because of this move.  *sad face*

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