Quick thought on banned Live accounts.

This is kind of a follow up on Microsoft banning a metric fuck ton of Live accounts recently… This ban wasn’t just on accounts, these banned applied to the ID on the actual system being used.  So, if you happen to come across a cheap xbox 360?  be careful as this system could have been banned by MS, making the console unable to log onto Xbox Live.

Gamestop, GameCrazy, and most other stores that sell used game systems probably won’t log into Xbox live to check this, the most they do is plug it into the wall and TV and see if it boots. Some will put a disc in to see if it reads it (Gamestop actually doesn’t even do this step most the time.)  Granted, when you get the system home and it won’t log into Xbox Live, I imagine gamestop and whoever will take the system back, but that’s a hassle.  So, Just a heads up for anyone looking for used Xbox 360’s.  Be careful and ask questions… I imagine an influx of Craigslist Xbox sales.  So, watch out for those.

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