R.I.P. Pandemic

mask_smallWell, it was rumored earlier today that Pandemic was going under.  And, it finally happened.  Pandemic.  creators of Full Spectrum Warrior, Star Wars: Battlefront, Mechanaries 1 and 2.  and the upcoming “The Saboteur”. has physically shut it doors and laid off the remaining 200 workers it had. 

What’s sad is, Pandemic was on top for a while with Full Spectrum Warrior, Star Wars:Battlefront series of games, but once they where bought up by EA, it seemed like all they could release where mediocre games.  They where working on a game based on the Dark Knight movie that was canned late in development.  Which, I would assume sealed there fate.  It’s hard to bounce back from a canned game.

EA of course, will keep the very best employees and let the ship go down, just as they have been doing for years now.  Buying up game studios, absorbing them or killing them off and taking only there best.  Black Box, Origin, Westwood, Maxis.  Add this one to the list.

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