Road to E3.

Alright.  A little update on what’s going to happen with the site while I’m at E3.  What I’m going to try and attempt to do is live stream everything that is going on to the site with my 4G EVO.  I’m going to do some testing before I leave to make sure it’s even a reasonable thing to attempt.  If the tests go well, I’ll probably only be live streaming throughout the show.  Each day noon til 5pm, So hope back a lot to see what I’m seeing.  at the end of the day before the show closes for the night, I’ll post as many high quality pictures, actual words and such so you can read about my adventures and anything else I didn’t catch on video or live stream.  I think each stream will be viewable in a single window, I’ll get back to that as I’m testing to see.  at the end of the day, I’ll post all live streams separately as individual videos to watch anytime.  I’m flying in Sunday, registering Monday, and the show starts Tuesday.. that is when most everything will be happening.  But, I’m going to try and get some stuff on Monday if I can. Your guys support is gonna be important through this as I’m going it alone, so, post what you wanna see the next day and I’ll try and get what I can.


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