SEED released on App Store

image865233711.jpgOur friends as Chillingo sent as word that there anticipated RPG for the Iphone/Touch has been approved and is available now. Here is what Chillingo has to say about it.

Unprecedented RPG depth and adventure available now for iPhone and iPod touch.

In SEED 1: Rise of Darkness, players adventure within a thriving fantasy-RPG universe developed by CH Games. Players begin their adventure as an unskilled apprentice, who must defeat enemy monsters and complete quests to discover new weapons, skills and spells. Eventually, they will become a powerful hero who can change the fantasy world of Kalikoop forever.

Game Features
· Explore a thriving fantasy universe: Every step of this exciting journey will be rewarding and enjoyable! Visit over 20 unique towns, and conquer monstrous enemies on hundreds of battlefields around the world.

· Grow and customize your character: Collect special items and manipulate them to your preference through socketing, compounding and refining your collection. Use skill and intelligence to make powerful combinations of untold power!

· Use reflexes and skill in combat: Battle armies of fearsome monsters using weapons and magical forces. Upgrade skills and learn new abilities via elemental combat powers, weapon specializations and stunning magical spells.

· Ever-changing appearance: Become attached to your character as they grow. See your character’s appearance change every time you equip powerful new armor and impressive weaponry!

· Real-time changes to the game universe: Witness day turning to night in-game, just as it does in the world around you. Some quests can only be done at night, while your battles also change as the sun fades and the moon rises!

· Easy transport and discovery: Want to save time? Just take a trip on the Ship or the Air Balloon to make your travel easier.

“All of the characters and quests in SEED 1 took a long time to create,” said Jinsik Kim of CH Games. “The end result was worth the effort, as this game is incredibly deep and offers unprecedented variety to iPhone and iPod touch adventure gamers.”

SEED 1: Rise of Darkness is available now for iPhone and iPod touch on Apple’s iTunes App Store priced USD$2.99.

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