Server Moving.

Just to let anybody know, The site will be down around 1am on Wednesday for a server move.  The host I go through originally started service on servers based in Hong Kong.  But recently have started up databases in the US.  So, I’ve put in a migration ticket for a slot in one of those servers.

Starting tomorrow, Idle-Handz should hopefully be running a bit quicker and smoother… and here is hoping that nothing goes crazy and the site doesn’t die. *fingers crossed*..

Update: Ok, well…. looks like the server move already went down.  Guess when I scheduled for Tomorrow at 1am it was on Hong Kong time.  Well, aside from a DNS cache error (my fault, fixed it.) it went smoothly.  the site should now move along more quickly and smoother.

With that said.  I feel I should give a shout out to my Host services.  ICDsoft.  Who, I have been with for 9 years now and have had little to no problems with my domains or webserver.  I really like there services.

Web Hosting By

This banner will give anyone wanting to sign-up with ICDsoft 20% there first year of service.  instead of $72-77 a year you’ll only pay $57-62 bucks for the 1st year.

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