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“I used to be an adventurer just like you, then I took an arrow to the knee”

How many times have you read that meme and just wanted to kill yourself? Seriously It’s been done to death and now even hearing it during gameplay I wanted to shove an arrow in my ears just so I won’t have to listen to it, but that’s just me. The same person who barely slept more than 3 hours a day and became a troll hiding under my blanket trying to achieve the 100% Platinum trophy for this game. In other words if you value your life, your family & friends, your health then don’t ever buy this game, EVER! It will take over your life because of how good it is. So without further ado, let’s get this review on the road, Arrow in the knee style~

 “ReverEND Note: This game was played over all 3 platforms by 3 separate players.  Each one will pinpoint some of the finer details that each version offers or some downfalls that one platform may have over another.”





“I see you are wearing a nice necklace, are you interested in me?” “Ok, let’s get married”

Ahmed: The beautiful part about Skyrim is what Ben “Yahtzee” said in his rant about Skyrim “Standing there choosing what you look like while the guard holds his clipboard for more than 20 minutes till you decide how you look” which is weird since that’s the only time you ever see a NPC hold a Clipboard (Spoiler alert!). Once you are done with the first part of that quest, you can literally go anywhere and do anything that you feel like it, if you wanted to start pick-pocketing and leveling up your character in any way you feel like it then you can. The sky’s the limit and for that I give kudos to Bethesda for making a great successor to Oblivion. Ohh and trophies are a good welcome to it as well.

ReverEND: The presentation doesn’t change much from platform to platform, at least I wouldn’t think it does.  The one downside, if you care about it.  Is the PC version gets no Achievments or Trophies, unless of course you buy through Steam, which everyone should be doing anyways.. I’m pretty sure the only person that won’t would be just a Grandma looking for a last minute gift in a store.  And she wouldn’t be picking this anyways, she would be grabbing socks or “My Little Pony” because you use to watch it when you were 8.

Christopher: The Elder Scrolls is already one of the “golden” series among RPG enthusiasts, but it looks like Skyrim is going to push the series that much farther into epic territory. The land of Skyrim is breathtaking, and the unprecedented levels of interactivity you can have with this world coupled with numerous gameplay improvements, it makes this game nothing short of amazing. Even if you’ve never ventured forth into the Elder Scrolls universe, Skyrim will be an epic journey that simply begs to be experienced. I absolutely expected to be impressed with Skyrim, but what I have seen has easily exceeded my expectations.

Score: 8.5 




“I see you use a two-handed weapon, I prefer a sword and shield for my fights”

Ahmed: Gameplay this time around is much more simplified, shoulder buttons to use your weapons/spells/shouts-LoudYelling/Dildos while the X-Y-O-Rectangle are used to open doors, rummage through cupboards and finding gold/Iron ore/pair of wornout socks in peoples pockets. For a game that is customizable for both combat (Melee-Ranged-Magic) you can be a Sword wielder in your right hand while dealing destructive lightning from your left. Having a Lv.51 Breton with Lv.100 One-Handed Weapon and also Lv.100 Destruction Magic skill is awesome, who said you can’t burn a guy with your left then using your stamina gauge to stab him in the stomach before chopping off his head?

ReverEND: The new Menu system, to me, works a little better than Oblivions did on PC, but it still could have been better. Navigating the system with a mouse and keyboard still feels a little awkward, but it’s getting a lot better.  Actual Gameplay, I still say that FPS on a PC is the way to go, fine aiming is so much more enjoyable and functional with a mouse than a clumsy slow analog stick.  It just can’t be beat.  Aside from being streamlined a bit  and adding Dragon stuff… it holds closely to Oblivion.  That isn’t to say it’s been nerfed at all, far from it.

Christopher: The main premise revolves around your hero, who has recently escaped execution. The hero is a Dragonborn, which means that they can absorb dragons’ souls and speak in dragon tongues. However, the game is about more than just super powers. The world of Skyrim is completely fleshed out, and NPCs (who were famous for being dead-eyed zombies in Oblivion) have their own lives and motivations. i visited a town that was filled with lumber workers, and it was explained that i could dynamically affect the economy of the different towns, depending on what we did in each area. Investing in the town would bring prosperity to the citizens, while ignoring it or destroying parts of the town would leave citizens destitute. The world of Skyrim is one that is influenced by every choice you make, and the ability for players to shape the entire world of Skyrim, from forested towns to settlements on the top of huge mountains, is one that makes Skyrim one of the most interactive worlds ever created in an RPG.


Score: 9.0




“Wait, Where Have I Seen You Before?” 

Ahmed: Graphics for the PlayStation 3 version looks superb.  As far as it goes for me the game holds extremely well for such a huge open-world game, even the dragon’s scales can be seen so vividly and bright. With that said I do have many gripes with the actual graphics, for one I shall refer to a recent comment made by my dear friend Mr. Aaron Babbs showing how Metal Gear Solid had footsteps effect on the ground but this one doesn’t. Yes it may seem like I’m nit-picking but that is, in the end, a very minor thing. My actually grip with this whole situation comes regarding the save file being over 7MB, the graphics become un-bearable and it actually glitches so many times, I almost gave up playing or just shutting down my PS3 then turn it back up again. The two new patches made it even worse and now if you keep the game running for a short time (6+ hours in idle mode) the game becomes so crappy, it takes you a while to getting it running to normal FramesPerSecond rate. Don’t make start talking about the long-ass Loading Screen, It’s just too darn much. . .

ReverEND: The game seems to fair a bit better than the PS3 version.  While crossfire setups (a computer running 2 Radeon video cards in tandum.) gave a negative effect (slower than if you were just running one card.)  With a single card it still ran pretty good with high detail options (Ultra setting was too much.)  There were enough graphic options to tweak to get it just right, if you went a step further and edited the .ini file that holds the graphic options, you would find more options to tinker with.  AMD finally released a couple patches to fix the Crossfire scaling to perform better.  I ran the game at 3460×1920 across 3 screens with all details set to high and a couple more options changed in the .ini file to add more detail.  The game looks rather amazing on PC.  I can’t speak for the PS3 version though.  PC version does not have issue with savegame file sizes or a degradation in performance the longer you play, not from what I’ve seen at least.

Christopher: Regardless of what happens in the story though, what it seems we can expect from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are better graphics as Bethesda’s indicated that we’ll see an upgrade from the company’s Gamebroy engine, the engine used previously for both Oblivion and Fallout 3. Community manager Nick Breckton recently supported that assertion on Twitter by briefly mentioning a complete technical overhaul.”It’s a new graphics/gameplay engine built internally. We’ll have more details down the road.” Todd Howard, Game Director of Skyrim added to that in the company’s official press release saying, “It’s exciting finally to announce the game. We’ve been working for many years on Skyrim and the technology behind it. A new Elder Scrolls game has been a long time coming, and we can’t wait to show it off.”

Score: 8.0




“So you are the new recruit for the Companions, what’s your job now, fetching mead?”

Ahmed:  The game has an excellent and brilliantly composed soundtrack made by Jeremy Soule, the epic music  when fighting a Dragon to the creepy sounds of walking through a lonely dungeon, buy it and just fall in love with all the epic music.

Like I always say, Epic Music Is Epic. Kthxbai~

ReverEND: Audio detail is rather impressive, I played with a 2.1 piece system and headphones often to hear everything.  The land does sound very much alive and full as you are walking through it.  the sound changes slightly based on the weather as well, which I found impressive.

Christopher: featuring a slew of  famous and varied varied actors, everything sounds crisp! from the thunderstorms, to the snowstorms, everything is right on the money, however, i did find some voice actors that were recycled, i found that to be my only annoyance.

Score: 10




“Don’t You Know Who I Am? I Am The Jarl’s Thane!” *Smacks a dude with a dildo in his face*

For those who wish to live a beautiful life and enjoying the energy that is called “Le~Sun”, then this game is a no-go. Skyrim is a beautiful and lush game with so many things to do in it, you will never get bored and it is a quite nice game to play. However with the game being so buggy and glitched on the PS3 I would recommend to keep it in a cupboard or something until they actually release the final fixed version with all the problems solved, In the end if you love and enjoy playing a Western Fantasy Role-Played Game, then Skyrim is definitely for you. If you like to play a game just to pass time then, again, I suggest Skyrim, this is all I can say but honestly this game can either be the most enjoying game this year has produced or just a waste of time. Just make sure when you say and think “I got time for one more dungeon/Almost done with this dungeon and head back to the city and get me some food, Blah Blah Blah! & so forth. Once you do have this problem then put the controller down, pull up your ass from the chair/bed/sofa/table/dildo and go out, don’t fall for that trap like I did. . .


Final Score: 8.4


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5 thoughts on “Skyrim Review

  1. Still just not seeing anything over a 5 for this game. There are far too many dragons when dragons were supposed to be the selling point. After a while I would see one, and just ignore it because I had no use for the souls. Sneak perks are far too overpowered, with a daedric dagger I could 1 shot a dragon from behind….. really? Music was pretty epic though, some of the quests were fun, graphics were meh.

    • I still havent gotten hugely into it. But come on… Graphics were “meh”? I thought they were impressive seeing as though they were able to drop a gigs worth of data and still make it look as good as it did. A full install is only.. 6gb? Compare that to Oblivion at 7.5gb (I believe) and then compare those to RAGE. A 22Gb install for a game that looks like a retarded chimpanzee finger painting in dog shit.

      • By meh I mean they were on par. Nothing spectacular though. Go dark brotherhood, makes the game somewhat more fun when you are tired of slaying a dragon every 5 mins.

        • I was so excited for this game, I was waiting outside Gamestop at midnight so I could play this game on my PS3 as soon as possible. I got it home and played for about two hours. After that, I found that I had to FORCE myself just to play the game. The graphics were TERRIBLE…and because of that, it really took me out of the experience of enjoying the game at all. I didn’t suffer from any “glitches” or anything like that, but the overall presentation of the game was just atrocious. After another couple of hours of playing I felt very cheated for my money and traded it in. I got the game again on pc about a week later and WOW what a freakin difference!!! Now I can’t stop playing. This game is absolutely terrible for the PS3 but on pc it is everything you would want it to be and more. I haven’t physically seen this played on the 360.

          • I was reading your comment going. “I don’t think it looks bad, yeah the animation is pretty stiff, but I think it’s pretty!” and then I saw you said PS3 and that the PC version looks better. I go “OOooohh, yeah I’m playing on a PC” haha!

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