Sony pushes out 3.21 for PS3..beware!

The newest firmware release does absolutely nothing, but remove a feature of older ps3’s. If you own a slim. This feature means nothing to you. If you where one of the few with a “phat” model (that could truly do everything!) this update removes your ability to install a different OS.

If you haven’t heard. The original ps3’s could bot only play ps1 AND ps2 games, had a memory card reader, abd more USB ports. It also allowed you to install linux and use your ps3 as a Linux machine. This update remves that ability. Why? Because this ability, apparently, is vital in hacking your ps3 and allowing unsigned code to run (IE, homebrew or copies.).

The infamous iPhone hacker Geohotz has written up a letter to Sony stating how disaapointing there move is. And asks the community to wait on updating, he is looking for a way to allow firmware updates without losing this ability.

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