Storm8 has your iPhone number…


Warning, Strong Language: Yes, the App Store developer of the single game, but multiple themed “Live” series of games. (Racing Live, Zombies Live, World War Live, blah blah Live, Live. LIVE!) is being slammed with a class action lawsuit for a “bug” they claim has been in there games since the beginning.  In which, once installed and ran, the game with farm your telephone number 

The “Bug” has gone completely unnoticed until August when Storm8 actually admitted that it was a “BUG” in there software.  Michael Turner, the man who started the Class Action Lawsuit thinks otherwise.

And I have to completely agree with him.  how can you accidently snake someone’s phone number off there mobile and transmit it back to HQ?.  That’s bullshit, and I want in on this Lawsuit, I play Racing and Zombies daily.  I feel kind of violated now.

Not only am I pissed off at Storm8 for this bullshit story of it being some “bug” in there code, but I am pissed off at Apple for there complete incompetents.  There approval policy is suppose to protect us, the consumer from EXACTLY this type of shit.  And in all the updates to all there software did they not catch this?.  No, there too busy protecting grown adults from seeing boobies and hearing cuss words.  You know what.  That’s bullshit too.  Step the fuck up Apple, protect your god damned customers for once.

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