Super Street Fighter 4… You knew it was coming.

Yeah, Did you even doubt that this was going to happen at all?  Capcom is notorious for making a great game, and then re-re-re-making it 14 more times, just in case the first one wasn’t fantastic enough.

I really can’t complain too much.  It’s nice there adding in some more fighters and a new one.  My only real worry is… is this going to be a separate game that they are expecting me to RE PURCHASE?!.  If that is the case, I’m gonna be pissed, there is no way I’m dropping another 60 bucks.  This had better be an update for the first Street Fighter 4.  Even a priced update wouldn’t be bad, but a completely separate disc is going to piss me right off.

So. who was added?.

T.Hawk, the big indian fella from Super Street Fighter 2.  Dee Jay, The always smiling Jamaican.  Also from SSF2.  And a new person named Juri.  hailing from South Korea.

In the video you can see T.Hawk and Juri in Action  Enjoy.


Oh, no word on the release of this update.

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