Left Handed Gamer mouse from Razer

For all us South Pawers (Yes, I am, predominately left handed.). Who haven’t adapted to using our right hands to mouse with Razer finally got our backs. Releasing the DeathAdder Leftie Edition. Basically the exact same mouse as the Regular mouse, except it’s molded for lefties. You may be asking “Why not the Mamba!? Or … Read moreLeft Handed Gamer mouse from Razer

Street Fighter 4 for iPhone Reviewed

Who else thought this wasn’t a good idea? I know I didn’t. And I didn’t have much faith in Capcom given there other games on the iPhone have been less than stellar… I’m looking in your direction Mega Man 2.. You half baked, poorly programmed. Choppy piece of crap. So, Street Fighter 4…. I wasn’t … Read moreStreet Fighter 4 for iPhone Reviewed

OnLive launching in June

OnLive, the cloud based ganging service that, theoritically, allows you to play even very demanding games on low spec PC’s, thanks to the “cloud” of computers doing all the hard work and streaming there output over your broadband connection allow you to play. It’s basically remote computing…with games. Well, anyways. This service is launching in … Read moreOnLive launching in June