Guild Wars 2: The Races



In the Races of Tyria, the latest preview video for NCsoft’s’s upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2, we explore the world of Tyria through the eyes of the five playable races in the game. Meet the noble and resilient humans, the war-mongering charr, the brilliant inventors known as the asura, the mighty shapeshifting norn, and a new race of nature spirits, the sylvari. From these five races, mighty heroes shall rise!

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Final Fantasy XIV – What are we getting?

FFXIV LogoIn 2002 Square Enix released Final Fantasy XI Online, disappointing most Final Fantasy fans. FFXI aquired quite a lot of players as it expanded and competed with World of Warcraft. For current fans such as myself, the disappointing conclusion was that World of Warcraft beat FFXI outright, and by far.

Square Enix put too much difficulty into FFXI for players to pick it up and start having fun. It took until about level 40 to begin enjoying the game, moving away from the newer players, and start learning more in depth what the game was all about. If you could make it there, you just might get addicted, but its biggest problem was Teamwork. Everything you did in FFXI required help from a group of up to 6, and sometimes larger. With the release of FFXIV sometime in 2010, those ropes holding back Final Fantasy fans will be broken. Final Fantasy XIV will have a lot more focus on single player game play, in fact when it comes to leveling, they will be using an entirely new system that does not contain experience points.

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