Need for Speed Franchise bounces back!

Here is a chart.. There is a line, it’s a nice red color. It clearly shows that it’s nit straight. But is going up after having been going down. Class dismissed. Seriously though. We all know the Need for Speed Franchise has been hurting for a while. Carbon was just good, Pro Street was barely … Read moreNeed for Speed Franchise bounces back!

Need for Speed: Shift Review (Xbox360)

need-for-speed-shift-6Historically, unless I have a physical steering wheel atteched to the game, I do NOT like cockpit views in my racing games.  could never get into the game when I’m in the car.  I know, that sounds weird, but I really much prefer the out of car, behind view.

That all changes with this game.

Let’s get some clarity on the Need for Speed franchise.  For starters, it’s been around a long time, and is one of the oldest franchises that has continual releases.  Introduced on the 3DO in 1994, it quickly gained a following for it’s serious attempt at realism of control, physics and speed.  This was almost immediately thrown out the window with every proceeding version (except Porsche Unleashed, which was pretty realistic as well.)

The 2nd NFS allowed the player to race some of the rarest cars and kicked the realism to the curb, and becoming more of the Need for Speed racing series we know today.

Over the years, the NFS series has fallen to the mediocre “Ho-hum, it’s another one” yawn inducing bargain bin games as the yearly installment of Madden gives me.  NFS: Underground = Fantastic!, Underground 2 = Amazing!, Most Wanted = Great, Carbon = Meh, Not bad.  ProStreet = OK, I guess.. and Undercover caused me to tilt my head like a confused puppy dog and eyeball my old copy of Most Wanted as if I got the 2 mixed up… Guess what?.  I didn’t, But I think the guys at EA did.  it was nearly identical.

EA decided to pull the stalled and stale series from once phenomenal developer Black Box, and gave it to a new team that EA had acquired named Slightly Mad.  Who was once named BLIMEY!.  Who created a couple of Fan favorite racers called GTR and GT Legends.  did the switch pay off?

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