Touch KO Review

Touch KO is a boxing game for the iPhone/iTouch platform released by Chillingo. A developer that has already released a laundry list of games into the App Store. Many of which are very good. Such as Zen Bound, MiniGore, iDracula and Bike or Die. Amongst many other titles. Luckily this game sites comfy in the good category of this studios list of games.

The game, if you couldn’t guess. Is boxing (shock shock). The flow of the game is smooth with no confusing parts or need to sit and configure a bunch of stuff. My opinion. This is important for portable games. If the game is too in depth it loses it’s appeal as a pick up and play title that you would site and play while waiting somewhere or just a quick time waster. Mobile games, in America anyways. Should stay simple and quick. I say America because As I observed in Japan. There train rides can be very long and a quick easy game just doesn’t cut it.

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