Rock Band: Unplugged Review

rock-band-unplugged-ss-02 Oh Harmonix.  Will you ever forgive me for doubting your abilities as a developer of awesome games.  I was wrong baby.. I didn’t mean to hurt you.  Do I have to sleep on the couch again?

When I first heard there was going to be a Rock Band on the PSP, I instantly got horrific like flashes of a world where Harmonix has turned into Activision..  and Harmivison was raping the Rock Band franchise.  I cried a little. How was Harmonix going to possibly do Rock Band any justice if there are no plastic instruments?.  that’s not right!

But once I heard it was going to be like Frequency.. I felt more at ease, and that nightmares ended… well, at least the ones about harmivision.  I still dream about Giant crabs with penny loafers smoking a Slimjim like a cigar. (what does that nightmare mean?!)

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