the 3DS?…

Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t tread too close to the Virtual Boy with this one. You remember that stinker right?

Well, Nintendo has announced the 3DS (apparently) that will be the successor to the DS line. This new system… As you may have guest. Will be 3D! Just like everything else this year. *rolls eyes*

But.. The interesting thing with the 3DS is the lack of glasses that is required! Ok, that THAT I am interested in.

I’m guessing, using a technique much like the interlacey looking posters and such use to create a 3D image. The system will have a screen that looks like it has thin lines. When an image is displayed that has lines slightly off these interaced lines. It will create a faux 3D image. At least, I’m guessing that’s how it is.

Full disclosure and unveiling is to be held at E3!

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