The iPhone that was on the brink of death.

photoEver heard those stories of people who had basically died, in the middle of nowhere with friends around.. but there friends knew EXACTLY what to do to keep him alive until they could get to a hospital, and the guy recovered?

Well, I’m in the middle of that RIGHT NOW with an iPhone.

My friend Comm1E, who wrote a couple things way back for the site.  Had dropped his iPhone, lets say.. a few times.  I mean, look at it… thing is.. it still worked for MONTHS!.  Until tonight.

While attempting to Jailbreak his phone, something horrible went wrong.  No big deal right?.  The iPhone is nearly unbrickable right?.. unless you have a Power Button that failed at the worst possible time.

That’s right, the Sleep/power button had stopped working.. mean, it was nearly impossible to remove the phone out of DFU Mode, Recovery Mode, or.. our problem.  “Connect to iTunes” mode.  To reboot normally, from any of these modes, you HAVE to press the sleep and home button to hard reset the phone.

I’m going to run down the situation.  Comm1E calls me up, frantic, saying his phone is jacked and he’s about to chuck it.  I tell him to come down, as long as it as power and the screen is lit.. it’s fixable!.  As soon as I get off work, I head over to pick up his phone.  After getting the phone, and doing a number of things that don’t work. no amount of holding buttons work, connect to any computer brings back “unrecognizable USB device” (6 different computers.).. nothing . I let the battery die.  Once that happens, I plug it in… no screen.  Great.  If I can’t get this thing turned on.. it’s dead forever.  I keep hitting the power button, not knowing yet, that it wasn’t working.  no avail. it was cold, lifeless…

I had given up…


until a light bulb clicks in my head. “Well, it’s suppose to turn on when plugged in, maybe I can just “jumpshort” the connectors on the phone to force it to turn back on?”  I get a swab, and some alcohol and start rubbing the contacts to make a connection and pray to god.  BOOM apple logo!.  EUREKA!!.  it works again!, phone is totally responsive (except the power button still.)  So, I hook it back up to do a full restore.   in the middle of the restore.. the screen finally gives out.  it flickers a couple times, goes to white, and dies.  I, stupidly, unplug the phone… forgetting I was restoring.  (Stupid, I know.)  only to find the phone completely unresponsive and, what appeared to be dead.. again.

After thinking it through, I figured me unplugging it in the middle of a restore, put the phone back into “connect to iTunes” mode.. which means, I had to wait for the phone to die..  how am I suppose to know it’s dead if I can’t see it?.. *sigh*.. So, I periodically felt it, to see if it was still warm.. if it felt cold.. I assumed it was dead.  also, periodically plugging it into the computer.. if it said “unrecognizable”. it meant it wasn’t dead yet.  after it felt cold, and didn’t come up on the computer at ALL.. I took it apart.  I super carefully removed the cracked screen so it wouldn’t shard and get worse.  looked to see if any flex cables had come loose… it seemed that flex cable “1” had wiggled loose.  I pressed it back down,  made sure nothing else was loose.. looked at the power button, but it’s encased and would take more dissection then I am comfortable with right now. and I snapped the phone back to…gether.. well, relative to how “together” it was..  I swab the connections again… and..

It’s back!!.. but only briefly.  the dead battery image comes up, I quickly plug it in.. and get this image above!..

*big sigh of relief… AGAIN*

So… phone is working.. I’m about to attempt a jailbreak on a different computer running Windows XP…. wish me luck..


UPDATE: Jailbreak failed.. it really can’t be done without putting the phone into DFU Mode.. which requires a power button.  *sigh*.. waiting for phone to die, jump start it again… and.. I dunno, I’m out of ideas on how to Jailbreak without DFU mode.  here is hoping that the Dev Team releases a windows jailbreaker that can get the phone into DFU mode automatically. 

2 thoughts on “The iPhone that was on the brink of death.

  1. Damn holmes! That as quite an epic adventure. I hope that you and my dirty whore of a phone had a great time! I never even would have considered bridging connections, and I cant believe you got the screen off of that was like the worlds gayest jigsaw puzzle. Goodluck with the jailbreak, but if it doesnt big deal… Anything beats taking five minutes to send a text message!

    Thanks again!!!!

  2. Haha, yeah.. Jailbreaking.. RIGHT NOW, is impossible. the way the jailbreak/jailbroken ipsw needs to work it is required to have the phone in DFU Mode. in this mode, the phone is open to the exploits that are needed to apply the JB. without it, it’s not possible.

    So, either can get gutsy and fuck with the power button and try to get it to work. or, just have a stock (as stock as this thing can get now.) iPhone. Now that it has native MMS, the only huge thing would be winterboard.

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