The Next Mortal Kombat better have Bugs Bunny.

looney kombat Why do I say that?.. Well.. you obviously haven’t heard the news.

Midway, who has been in financial troubles for the past few years has, as of today, been completely sold over to Warner Bros.  Which means Mortal Kombat, HydroThunder, NBA Jam, This is Vegas and many other IP’s that Midway where known for and became famous for are now all owned by Warner Bros.

No news as to whether any future Mortal Kombat will continue to carry the Midway name, it’s very likely that the next one could read “Warner Bros, home of the Looney toons and Harry Potter brings you MORTAL KOMBAT!”

Midaway has been in debt for over 150 million dollars and owed many creditors alot of money.  Midway was first bought up by a private investor in some really underhanded dealings that lead to investigations.  This acquisition kinda brings me down a little as I use to love Midway.  NBA Jam, although personally not being a fan of sports games, was freaking awesome, and Mortal Kombat 2 is considered by many to be one of the best fighting games ever made.  It’s sad to see what they have become, and even worse, being completely gone now.  Rest in Piece Midway. *sniffle*

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