The VGA’s don’t count…

In case anyone missed it. And I kindof hope you all did.  The SpikeTV Video Game Awards aired a couple days ago.  I never mentioned it on the site, and actually completely forgot they where even on. 

To be frank, the VGA’s are to Video Games as Vanilla Ice is to Rap.  I did catch wind of a few “Winners” which is why I’m posting this rant about the whole stupid thing.

Did you all hear that Megan Fox won best female performance?.  how in the fuck does that work?!.  She will never even be nominated for any movie awards, not counting a razzie, how did she WIN a VGA when there where SOO many better female voice actors?!

This is exactly why these things are a complete waste of time and only push “gaming” into the disposable media sector along side the Baha Men, 80’s Glasses, and Cher.  Things that creep up quickly, punch you in the face, then disappear, leaving society disgusted until they forgot what happened, so they can come do it all over again.

…Megan Fox?!. really?.. WTF.  Eliza Dushku who voiced Rubi in WET did a much better job.  And even though Jack Black did a good job as Eddie in Brutal Legends, Mark Hamill did a WAY better job.  He was amazing.

With that said, it looks as though they are improving.  There is now a Best Original Score award..

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