Ubisoft’s uncrackable DRM…..Well, guess what?

titanic-sinkingYeah…. uh, maybe Ubisoft should have taken notes while watching "Titanic".  Don’t tempt the gods by saying your DRM scheme is uncrackable.  Or, when you say such silly things, at least back it up with.. I dunno, some beta testing before hand?

Ubisoft recently released a new DRM scheme in there newest game Silent Hunter 5, which would effectively call home CONSTANTLY, doing boot up of the game, during play, saving, checkpoints, etc. etc.  There pretty much wasn’t a time that the game wasn’t calling back to ubisoft servers to verify files and such, making sure everything was authentic and not eff’ed with.

Well, not even 24hours of the games release… it was cracked.  Making the much touted, hollybooed, and hyped RM anti-piracy system obsolete before day 1 was over.

Stepping aside from the overall "1984" feel of this system (which sucks, and is a little unsettling.) It’s really bad form to begin with.  There would be too many factors that would keep ou from playing the game EVEN if you paid full price for it, and are a legit owner.  internet down?.. can’t play it, Ubisoft server down? sorry, can’t play it.  if your roommate is downloading a bunch of swedish porn?.. yeah, can’t play it.  Back in my day, all you needed was the CD.. scratch that, back in MY day all you needed was a 5 1/4" disk and a boot disk to allocate EMS memory into XMS memory.  You kids and your googles..

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