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2 Years after the heavily Acclaimed [Uncharted 2: Among Thieves], Uncharted 3 came back with a lot of flare. Of course I’m not just talking about the Douchebag that is called Drake, but a continuation to the epic story of how he aimlessly runs without thinking and getting everyone who still supports him and care about him to their certain doom. It’s like he’s making Kratos look more like a nice person & yes we might argue and say Kratos is the bigger and better D-Bag is this scenario, but at least he did this alone out of vengeance. I mean come on! Sully is getting old & even the girls want him to slow down and just stop. Does he listen? NOOOOOO! What does he care about? being the person with the Douchier comments and not-so-whitty comebacks.

Sorry about my stupid rant, I just really hate the way he acts but that, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes you care a lot about the characters. Be it the Douche-Bag or the fatherfigure or just random characters you encounter. That is what makes me really love this game so lets get this show on the road! This is what games should be from now on.



The game starts in a bar, the minute Drake opens his mouth a huge guy comes in and start kicking the living hell out of him. To my satisfaction that part is just hilarious. I mean who doesn’t like the fact that the moronic Mr. Nathan Drake get smacked like a schoolgirl by a huge muscled guy isn’t funny? Come on admit it, a part of you loves this comment and want to make sweet sweet love to it. Enough hating a character though the game looks great, the awesome Illustrated cities is so darn good, they even did a great job of making sure every place Drake visits is 100% accurate to the actual scenery of that place to the bone. Got to give kudos to Naughty Dog for making sure a vividly and beautiful game with so many bright lights and stuff. Ohh and the 3D is awesome as well.


Without devulging  much and spoil it for people who still didn’t pick up this game,  I will say this, Drake’s Deception is a wonderful and beautifully woven story that has everything you need from a cinematic game, it’s what Indiana Jones 4 should’ve been. Naughty Dog outdid themselves when it came to the script and how all the characters come together. I will not spoil much but they even got most of the historic areas in Yemen accurately and altough there are some mistakes written in arabic, it’s still better than most games who just write a jumbled up bunch of words and use Indians as voice actors for arab characters. Shame on you COD: MW!


Score:  10.0




From the first sight of Drakes walking, to the part where he rolls in the water and parts of his clothes get wet. U3: DD is a beautiful and stunning world. The level of detail done on both 3D & the 60FPS were so wonderful, this shows how Naughty Dog really wanted to make a game that people will oogle it, if that makes any sense. Nothing more to say here but WOW! Just WOW!

With that said *Wipes his lips after ass kissing U3 on the ass* there are some minor and small glitches that I have noticed, for instance the game sometimes have a horrible way of showing you where to go next and the 3D helps with that a lot, sadly not everyone owns a 3DTV so they might not notice where to go next or what to do because of how it was meant to be played using the gimmick. Sad small part I know but the game should hold whether you play it on a 3DTV or just plain HDTV. Don’t get me wrong I’m going to contradict myself with this next comment but those instances are semi-rare and it’s not too hard to find them, they are there however and you will notice them if you played it using Le~Gimmick.

Score: 10.0





This is where the game shines, although everything has been tweeked to be better, big emphasis this time around is on melee. You will end up fighting with your knuckles, countering, grabbing and pulling the pin of a grenade strapped tight on an enemy, not to mention the many many gibblets being squashed. Poor big blokes, I truly feel sorry for them. At times it will be brutal and you will end up repeating a section over and over again just ’cause they sniped you in the head while your running around. Also platforming is back & this time around you need to make sure you go the right path or you will meet your demise many many times.

My other problem with this game right now is cover-based shooting, sometimes it doesn’t register well. I pressed the cover button 3 or 4 times but Drake just stood there (many, many times…) and getting his body riddled with bullets, I even had to restart an entire area because of  that problem (again it’s not much but they are there) of hiding. I just love the fights with the big gorilla men, so much penis punching is good for the soul, especially if you were bullied by a large guy in school then you’ll love this payback. The final problem is when you start a melee fight, you just can’t stop it, especially when people are shooting at you. You might end up retrying times and times again for this because of it so be careful with how you start each battle.

The one thing that I truly loved this time around is the stealth kills, you can see the route of each enemy and plot your killing route starting from one guy to the next without being noticed, there are big parts in the game where you can avoid is a big battle with enemies by just stealth killing everyone in your way, plus the AI is no longer just watching you break someones neck, they will notice it while doing that move so be careful and plot your way well enough.


Score: 9.5




The music in this game transitions between slow music while exploring, to dark while stealthily avoiding mobs to the final epic battle music while fighting hordes and hordes of mobs or escaping from certain death while in (Insert random area here). footsteps are noticeable with good quality as well, reloading your ammo has a nice realistic part to it as well. Can’t think of more stuff to say about this, so please forgive this short part…


Score: 9.0


When I first got the game a week before the release date, I stayed up for 3 days and I didn’t  stop except for the required needs, aka. Food + WC & the occassional nap, I’m not much of a hardcore gamer anymore but after finishing it the first time around I know for a fact that I’m going back to it right away. Hello Hard Trophy maybe Crushing as well.

Final decision, if you like platforming and want to know the end of this adventure then by all means get it. For any PlayStation3 fan this is a must, anyone who wants to see Drake running around getting head-butted more times than any WWE wrestler would enjoy this. Still don’t know how he’s alive after that many punches, kicks & gunshots without him dying. The guy is a super-freak monster who should only have his wavy wig and some teeth, maybe the next game will be “Uncharted 4: The adventures of Nathan Drake’s Teeth & Wig”. Now that game I will play no matter what!


Final Score: 9.0


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