Uwe Boll is Soo gonna sue you!

image628819642.jpgThe Sad part is…I’m not even kidding. Apparently, Theatrical Abortionist, is in the processes of bringing up the papers to sue over 2,500 “John Does”… Why you ask? He claims they where caught sharing his “Videogame-turned-pile-of-dog-poop-that-was-just-mushy-and-runny-enough-that-it-won’t-come-out-of-the-carpet-without-steam-cleaning-it” adaptation of Far Cry over P2P file sharing services. (such as bit torrent or Limewire.) The damages he’s looking for? Well, one defendant named “Sabine” was sent a letter stating if she paid $1,500 before early June they’d call it good. Any later and they would fine her $2,500. If she didn’t pay at all. She could be fined a maximum of $150,000. She claims that she’s never even heard of the movie and would gouge her own eyes out if she even accidently glanced at a Uwe Boll film while flicking past it on TV. Ok, I might be paraphrasing that last part.

Uwe Boll… Did you even spend $150,000 making that excuse you call a movie?…what’s that called when you’re trying to get more for something than what’s it’s worth? I know there is a fancy term for it.

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