Very first MW2 Tournament = Epic FAIL

CockOfDoody4_1280x1024(2)There is a nice little read over Here (Tek-9) Talking about the happenings at the 1st EVER Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 tournament.  And.. to say the least, it was an epic FAIL that easily shows that Activision has no interest in the PC community anymore.

Some highlights of why this failed?  Well, lack of dedicated servers, obviously, also.  To run a LAN game you have to be connected to the internet (WTF?.) there is no Leaning anymore. Many of the players who actually got to play said it got boring, due to the extra large map sizes and there cluttered.  Also, the fact that, While the tournament was going on, Activision hadn’t announced the prizes.  Also, Activision never made it known that there would be an age limit of 18 in order to play until a week before the tourney.  So yeah, go read the full article, it’s kindof an eye opener.

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