Worst phone ever is…. iPhone?!

3177410647_9989531ab9 Yep, the UK Cnet website has a small write up about how terrible the iPhone is.  I was shocked at first and HAD to read it and prepare myself to get pissed off, because… I freaking love my iPhone, I can’t imagine using anything else… EVER again!.

But after reading it, I kindof agree with it. haha.  give the article a once over, to the VERY end and your anger will subside and you’ll do what I did.  Go “…Well, ok, I guess so.. haha”

The Article basically says that the iPhone sucks donkey danglies as a PHONE… which, yeah, it kindof does.  But then goes on the say it’s so popular because it’s the best damned portable computer.  Which, I totally agree with.

Read HERE.

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